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Hi everyone! Welcome to my official web site.


20-02-2018: About a month ago Musik i Uppland's three ensembles Linné Quintet, Trio X and Uppsala Chamber Soloists premiered my piece  Att fläta en framtid, which was commissioned for their school concerts.

10-07-2017: In two days Leo Sörlin will premier two of my 
pieces for  guitar, Iso and The Slinger and the Lowly Giant. The concert will take place at Gamla kyrkan in Östersund on July the 12th at 12:00.

04-11-2016: Today is the premier of the light festival Allt ljus på Uppsala. I have written the music for the setup Känslouniversum in SLU:s project Mitt (i) Universum. It can be witnessed at Artediparken, near Järnbron in Uppsala, between 16:00 and 23:00 everyday until November the 27th.

24-10-2016: I have just recieved a grant from Musikens hus vänner in Uppsala. They are an organization that, among other things, supports young musicians in the start of their careers. I am very happy and thankful for the recognition and for this opportunity to continue my musical work.

11-05-2015: I am currently in Umeå for a workshop with Norrlandsoperan's Symphony Orchestra. Today they rehearsed my piece Theia Lore, and tomorrow a
recording will be made, so it will be available for listening soon.

28-03-2015: Today at 13:00 pm, Norrbotten Improviser's Orchestra feat. Bergmark-Klapper Duo will perform in Black Box in Studio Acusticum, Piteå. This is the premier for this constellation and I will be a part of the band. The concert is a part of New Directions Festival 2015. More info can be found here.

10-02-2015: Last autumn I wrote a choral piece that will premier today at Piteå school of Music as a part of Helena Holmlund's bachelor thesis. There are also eleven other newly composed pieces, by fellow composers that will premier as well, and we have all been alloted a theme from the liturgical year. The theme for my piece is the ascension of Christ.

04-02-2015: After rigging the stage and having a very good dress rehearsal, I feel excited for tomorrows grand concert, where my piece Tragedy of the Commons will premier. This will be the artistic part of my master thesis.

22-01-2015: I participated in a workshop with Norrbotten Neo today. They played my composition Last Piece of the Puzzle. It includes an electro-acoustic part. The recording of this piece will be up soon.

18-08-2014:Today my first from-the-beginning-made surround song is complete. Previous surround releases have been remixes from stereo tracks. But now I can present the piece Vales of Tears in 7.1 (it is still possible to listen to it in stereo, though).

12-06-2014: Now the recording sessions of my newly composed jazz album is complete. Mixing the recording will be done this summer.

20-05-2014: Salvatore Sciarrino is in Piteå, having a three-days masterclass. I am one of the participants and Quartetto Prometeo will perform our pieces in conjunction with this.

24-04-2014: Today I am in Umeå, participating in a workshop with Norrlandsoperan's Symphony Orchestra. Recording will be up soon.

28-03-2014: Tomorrow by 1:00 pm at Piteå Museum Anna Swedén, Josefine Gellwar Madsen and Mikael Roos will premier my piece Detaching Absence for flute, soprano and clarinet.
08-03-2014: My piece Lingering Regrets have been selected as one of six contributions to participate in the finals of Uppsala tonsättartävling 2014. The competition takes place in Uppsala konsert and kongress 7:00 pm 13-03-2014. It is also possible to listen to it live on SR P2 here: Learn more about Uppsala tonsättartävling at

04-03-2014: SMASK in Piteå is tomorrow and I have written the ouverture. Can be seen live in Acusticum, Piteå or at PiteFM also sends live at
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Photo by Paulin Thorsell